Choosing the Essential Clothes for Your Kids

Unlike your own wardrobe, where you update pieces when you get bored of them or you find they are ten years out of date, you will find yourself continually buying new clothes for your kids simply because they out grow them. If you are lucky enough to receive hand-me-downs or have older children, then you can save yourself a lot of money. Children’s clothing is not cheap and throughout a year you would probably spend in excess of $1000 per child on clothes and shoes. To help keep the cost down and have a more workable wardrobe there are some essential pieces that you should have in your child’s wardrobe, which is true for both boys and girls.

Mix and match

Just as you would do for yourself, it is a great idea to buy a few key pieces of better quality and build their wardrobe around them. Choosing a colour theme for a season is a good idea too. Pick a few items in more neutral colours, like white, cream and beige, and then choose pieces of the same colour that range in shade. You will find you buy less clothes this way if they all match together.


Accessories are great for children too, and can help dress up an outfit or give it a different look. There are plenty of pretty hair clips, hair ties, ribbons and head bands available for girls, and a scarf and a cosy hat or beanie can make a cute change to an outfit in winter. Tights are nice with skirts or dresses, and give an outfit a more dressy look. Depending on the age of the child jewellery is not usually necessary, although little girls like to play dress ups with it, but if you child is going out to play you risk losing or breaking it. A special bangle or necklace for going out is nice, and the fun colourful plastic variety is good for dress ups and when she just has to wear jewellery. For boys pants can be dressed up with a belt, throw a vest on top of a shirt, try a scarf and hat in winter and a cap in summer.

Essential pieces

For a girl the essential clothes to have in her wardrobe include a couple of skirts, one for every day and one for best, a few dresses, having a going out one as well as one for everyday, several pairs of tights and socks, a warm scarf and beanie, a hat to keep the sun off, a pair of jeans, a couple of pairs of shorts, a pair of leggings, t-shirts, a few good cotton tops and have a pair of sneakers, shoes for best and having a pair of boots is always handy.

For boys you will need a few pairs of jeans and shorts, a couple of good shirts, both long sleeve and shirt sleeve, a vest for dressing up an outfit, a scarf and beanie, a cap or bucket hat for the summer, plenty of t-shirts to knock about in, and with shoes, a pair of sneakers, a more dressy pair of shoes, sandals or thongs for summer and elastic-sided boots are great for wearing around outside.

Designer Baby Clothes For Boys and Girls

Designer baby clothes for boys and girls are very much in demand as the result of the many celebrities now getting into the parenthood act and of the many would-be parents who are leaving it later before producing their firstborn with the result that, when they do give birth to their first child they have more money available to splash out on the best of everything.

There is a wide selection of designer baby clothes for boys and girls out there, not just the major names such as Baby Dior and Versace Young. A particular favorite is the designer, Toby Pimlico whose range of baby garments feature cheeky slogans and whose prices are not too way-out: around US$32.00 for a little T-shirt.

A lovely little grey marl baby-grow with yellow binding from Toby Pimlico can be picked up for a mere US$41.00: made from beautifully soft cotton with long sleeves to keep your baby warm in cooler weather, it features the text ‘I Blame the Parents’ in yellow text across the bodice.

You can, of course, pick up a Dior baby-grow, complete with Dior logo, in pink and white for little girls: these are available from the retail outlet online, Village for US$88.00 or, for the little boy in your life – navy blue dungarees from Dior, for US$205.00.

London is the location of designer baby clothes for boys and girls’ retailer, Sasti, that sells Bobux and Go-Go Gear while The Cross, not too far away, is another haunt of the rich and famous purchasing designer baby clothes for boys and girls, or little garments to give as presents to their expectant friends.

Sasti can be found at Notting Hill, London, just off Portobello Road. The designs stocked by this retailer are noted for hard wearing, fun clothes in bright colors and, of all the charming little garments this store stocks, my own favorite has to be the owl slippers.

This pair of suedette slippers with cotton jersey lining are machine washable and feature the face of an owl on the front of each of the slippers – a pair to fit a toddler of 18 months old would cost US$28.00.

Of course, if you’re famous with money and you can’t find the designer baby clothes for boys and girls that you specifically want – you can always start your own store. That’s what Tico Torres from the Bon Jovi rock band did a few years ago when he launched ‘Rockstarbaby’.

Infant Boy Clothing Does Not Have to Cost a Lot

It’s nothing new to know that infants grow out of their clothing very quickly. It seems silly and quite frankly a waste of money to spend so much when they will get little use out of each piece.

Many people turn to the internet now to find deals for infant boy clothing. Or infant girls for that matter. I think for infant boys the demand may be higher because infant girls clothing seem to be in abundance when visiting your local department store.

The internet allows you to take your time and browse for fantastic deals before committing. Having an item in hand may entice you to make the purchase there on the spot.

Where I love to turn to is eBay. In case you didn’t already know, infant boy clothing is incredibly inexpensive. Mainly for the same reason you are looking to buy. Moms have an abundance of clothing their baby boys have outgrown.  And what new mom can’t use some extra money? eBay allows the best of both worlds. Purge some clothing and make some cash.

Because of this the deals passed onto you are amazing. You’ll especially want to search for “lots.” Lots are basically more than one piece of clothing sold in one auction. However usually it’s something like 50 or so pieces all for one low price. It is not uncommon to buy pieces of infant boy clothing for pennies on the dollar.

Just put the word “lot” into your search description so it will look something like this, “baby boy clothing lot.” What comes back will happily surprise you. And what’s even better is that these pieces of clothing are close to new since little ones wear them so few times.

So don’t rule out auctions for your next shopping trip. And who knows, maybe you’ll get the eBay bug to sell your items too!

Fashionable Clothing At Cost Effective Prices

There are several ways to find high end attire at affordable rates. In fact, the internet features countless surplus sites that specialize in clothing and accessories. These brand name items are significantly marked down as well.

Customers can also save money on bulk purchases and shipping too. Whether you need elegant dresses or lavish gowns, you simply do not have to pay costly retail prices anymore. Simply access the Web for sites that specialize in affordable clothing and accessories.

You can also visit area outlets for ongoing sales and specials. In fact, this is the best way to compare prices and try on clothes. Unlike retail establishments, outlets always have enough stock and inventory.

They also run a higher volume of special sales and discounts across the board. This makes it easier to find a range of items, while tapping into substantial discounts and promotions. Customers can also order customized items at these venues as well. This includes shoes, along with business and leisure suits.

Customers can also check trade publications for sales and discounts. This includes fashion magazines, along with pamphlets for local outlets and venues. Another option is to speak to friends, co-workers, or loved ones.

Acquaintances can connect potential customers to stores that specialize in discount attire. According to industry experts, customers should simply visit these outlets or warehouses on their own. This allows them ample time to shop, while speaking to sales associates about particular brands and accessories.

To find trendy clothes at cheap prices, customers may visit local boutiques too. While retail in nature, local boutiques also carry a fine line of clothes at discounted rates. This can result from overstocked items, as well as inventory that simply did not move or sell.

From skirts and blouses to jackets and shoes, customers have access to a vast selection of items. Whether for boys or girls, these products are guaranteed to spruce up any wardrobe or closet. To tap into local sales, you simply need to visit these venues when time permits. You can even check the local business listings to find out which sales and promotions are available.

If you are tired of paying outrageous prices on clothes, there are options available. In addition to warehouse shopping, you can even visit local discount marts. These venues showcase a range of top fashion brands at amazing prices. They also offer a variety of discounts for new and existing customers. For more information on wholesale clothing, check the internet or visit your local clothes warehouse.

How To Shop For Teen Plus Size Clothing

Teen plus size clothing is becoming more diverse with so many shoppers giving their feedback to stores. The new designs are both stylish and versatile and perfectly fit for the activities teens participate in. With just a few tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a great look as well as a great fit.

To start, you need to fit your clothes to your body, which means finding out your body type. If, for example, you are top-heavy and choose a baggy t-shirt, it will not flatter you as much as something structured would.

If you have area you would rather hide, there are some tricks to do so. To disguise the stomach, wear pants with wide waistbands and tops with lots of neck detail. Slimming the arms is merely a matter of picking something with flowing sleeves or a well-placed scarf. Long jackets hide your bottom altogether. Even curves can be slimmed by pairing capped sleeves with flared skirts or wide trousers.

Choosing the right size means more than looking at the tag. Go with the style that fits best. Since this can vary with each designer, try sticking with just your favorite. This will allow you to have a consistent size.

If your outfit is not the right length, it can ruin the look you’re attempting to put together. Find something that is the proper length, even if it means going with a short or long style. Investing in an alteration is the best solution if everything else about the outfit is perfect.

One of the most important pieces of shopping advice is to buy only those clothes that agree with your lifestyle. A very active person, for example, probably shouldn’t waste their time on a closely fitted suit.

A few general tips, used for any size, may help you to even out your purchases and bring together the entire ensemble. Black is commonly considered the most slimming color but not when worn singly. Splashes of color break up the monotony and, because they pull the eye in all directions, actually make you seem even slimmer than one continuous color. In the same way, accessories add volume and a little spark to your outfit. Use your own instincts to make your outfit really stand out.

Finding teen plus size clothing doesn’t have to be a painful experience. With these tips, you can be rewarded by looking fantastic in whatever you choose.

Teen Clothing Trends – Ideas to Look Great This Winter

Knowing the latest teen clothing trends will help you stay warm and fashionable this winter. You’ll find that there are plenty of options for covering up without looking shapeless and fashionable.

1. Wear a well-made bomber jacket to keep out the cold. Pair it with a girly outfit and seriously cute heels to have a really attractive look. A biker’s leather jacket will work just as well. Make sure that the jacket doesn’t have too much hardware or else it will look completely overdone.

2. Pick up a pair or two of bright colored jeans to beat the winter greys. The latest in teen clothing trends is to wear printed jeans. Animal prints, polka dots, ikat designs and even florals are very popular with teenagers. Pair them with a white shirt or even one in a contrasting color. Color blocking is a really good way to look fashionable.

3. Rock the schoolgirl look with navy layers. You’ll find a whole lot of options in navy in your own wardrobe; you just have to figure out how to layer them in different ways in order to create unique looks every time you step out of your home. You can also add plaids to the mix for a seriously fashionable look.

4. Make sure that you have a clutch of attractive scarves in gorgeous colors. Scarves will draw attention immediately and will make even the most mundane outfit look ordinary without requiring a great deal of money.

5. Use red to the maximum advantage. You will get second (and third) looks if you pair even an ordinary looking grey coat with red heels or a bag. A red coat is also a very good investment.

6. You can easily wear short skirts during the winter as long as you wear leggings and warm (but fashionable) boots and a jacket.

As a teenager you’ll certainly want to dress according to the fashion in order to be just like your friends. At the same time you need to be able to look unique. It is really good to find out the latest teen clothing trends so that you can make them your own. All it takes is knowledge of the latest trends as well as some creativity and you will be able to stand out from the crowd. It also helps to find out which stores are offering the best clothes at really attractive rates.

Top Brands Of Teen Clothing

All remember the teenage years and the yen to keep up with the fashion police of the peers around them. Making the right decision on what clothing to buy, or wear, as a teen, can seem like a life or death decision to some. All parents want to help their kids in this trying and emotional phase of their growth, by supplying them with those brand names of clothing that their peers wear. But how do parents know what the top brands of teen clothing are?

Answering this particular question can be tricky for a parent trying to get the answer right. Top fashion brands for teens come and go so quickly. But it is also a fact that the top brands of clothing are going to change dependent upon where in the world you are located too. What is popular to one kid in Vermont is not necessarily going to hold true for a kid in Florida. So the best bet for a parent trying to get it right when buying teen clothing is to do your research, ask.

There are, however, a few main brands that can cross many state and country lines as being top contenders for the top popular brands award. Some of these are:

• American Eagle
• Aeropostle
• Abercrombie & Fitch
• Hollister

These brands are a sure win for coming up in the list of all teens polled in differing orders of preference. Does that mean that they are the most popular brands in your particular area? No. But, what it does mean is that if you poll the teenagers of your area for their own personal top ten list of brand clothing that it’s a sure thing that at least one, maybe more and in some cases all of these brands will make the cut.

Now you as a parent have a little more of the “inside scoop” on what your teens want; which will make it easier to make that ah-ha purchase for them. But does that mean that you are set for all your teenagers’ apparel buying needs as long as you purchase from the offerings of these four brand names? Oh, yea naïve teenage parent. No. These brands may only get you through the successful purchase of a few pants, jeans and tops.

If that teen of yours asks for intimate apparel, for the female of the teen species, or foot apparel, you’re in a whole different realm of top brand apparel. That’s not even mentioning the male teen species and their particular brand needs. Although, polls do say that the male of the teen species may be a little easier to please in the area of which brand of clothing fits the current fashion trends.

But taking the time to apply the lessons that you’ve learned here in learning what brands the male of the species prefers will go a long way into making the foray into buying for them just as successful. Just take the time to be teen fashion-brand vigilant and ask around. The old adage really does apply here, you can’t learn if you don’t ask

Picking the Perfect Pair of Girls Jeans for Your Tween

Clothes shopping for adolescent girls is a challenge for any parent. Your suddenly fashion-conscious tween is too mature for the children’s department, but not yet ready for women’s clothing stores. You want clothes that are durable, age appropriate, and budget friendly, while your child wants something trendy and comfortable. When these desires conflict, dressing room drama often ensues.

Girls jeans are a must-have wardrobe staple for any preteen, but finding a pair that both you and your child can be happy with is sometimes easier said than done. However, knowing which style options are available and which to avoid can help you select the perfect pair for your preteen. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for girls jeans.

The Rise

The rise of a pair of jeans refers to where the waistband sits on the body. A natural rise will sit at or just above the navel, giving the wearer a good deal of coverage. However, most tweens will reject this option as an unfashionable “mom jeans” look. A low rise sits below the navel but above the hips, while a super-low rise sits at the hips and an ultra-low rise sits below the hip bone. The low rise varieties are the more trendy options, but many parents worry that these might expose too much skin. If your child insists on a lower rise, be sure to look for a pair with a higher back to avoid wardrobe malfunctions when kneeling down or bending over. You can also pair it with a cute tunic to ensure full coverage.

The Cut

The cut of girls jeans refers to the shape and the length of the legs, and options include straight, tapered, flare, and boot cut. The straight cut maintains the same width from the thigh to the ankle, while a tapered look narrows towards the ankle. The boot cut features a straight leg through the thighs with a slight flare starting mid-calf, and the flare cut has a snug fit on the thigh that transitions into a distinct flare just below the knee. The flare and boot cut flatter most preteens, and the tapered look is great for those with a slender figure.

The Fit

The fit of a pair of girls jeans describes how snug or roomy they are through the hips and seat. Skinny jeans are designed to fit snug and against the hips, while a classic fit is a bit roomier in the seat. The relaxed fit is baggier in the seat and thighs than the classic fit, while the loose fit provides the most room in the seat and hips. If you opt for one of the tighter varieties, make sure you look for a stretch denim fabric that will move with the body to ensure maximum comfort for your child.

Picking Shoes for Preteens

It makes me laugh with pride when my 10 and 12-year old’s say, “Mum, I need new shoes, my foot’s too big again!” At times I could scream, especially when their feet grow from a size 2 to a size 4 in six weeks. I guess this is just a sign of them having healthy bones (that’s my opinion anyway). What makes me laugh even more is when they say, “Mum, can I get a pair with wheels?” or “Mum, can I get a pair of shoes that have lights?”. What is up with that? I didn’t even know such a shoe existed, I certainly haven’t seen them advertised anywhere. So when building one of my favourite sites I decided to write some content that would showcase these shoes.

Don’t worry parents, if you don’t know the sizes of your pre teens’ feet, have them trace their own feet and measure them with a ruler that way, you can covert the sizes and then shop online with confidence!

My daughter is going through a phase whereby, trendy looking top sneakers are her thing. She particularly likes the leather high tops as she said they give her feet extra comfort, and just for appeal they even have the LED lighting in them… Not sure what this is all about. But am not questioning her fashion sense here. My son likes these shoes too, but didn’t want to copy her, so he decided to choose a high top sneaker that had a ‘wing’ on it. This apparently gave the shoe so much more character, and didn’t look anything like his sister’s so he was super excited about that.

For the pre-teen girls that liked this wing too, there was an option for them that I found, but it wasn’t something my daughter would wear, as she said they weren’t ‘her style’, I had to laugh! Style at age 12 changes overnight sometimes. Myself, I opted to get my son a pair that was a little less ‘flashy’ looking, as we needed to make sure he had a normal conservative type looking shoe in the wardrobe, for any type of occasion that would suit any type of clothing.

However, the latest thing was the ‘roller shoe’ so instead of losing my cool, I did some research on the web and found these really comfy shoes for my son. Apparently I’m being ‘uncool’ if I call them ‘roller’ shoes’ so I will call them what they are really and that is a ‘skate shoe’. For pre-teens these types of shoes are a must have. I found that when going out they were often distracted in their own minds with their own little worlds, and instead of hearing them complaining about being somewhere these shoes seemed to occupy them, so that I could do what I needed to do without interruptions. It really was a win-win, buying them for the kids. My son wasn’t as confident balancing as my daughter at first, but with time he was more confident and loved wearing the shoes everywhere.

My daughter was a pro from the start wearing these types of shoes, you are able to walk normally on them as well which was really interesting to watch, as you could see in their eyes they just wanted to skate off in the super market at times. This is when I’d say, “right you go to aisle 4 and get milk, and you go to aisle 2 and get dog food.” Kind of fun for me watching them use the shoes with confidence.

Wholesale Teen’s Clothing Business – Your Way to Find the Right Wholesale Clothing Distributor

To have a wholesale teen’s clothing business is definitely the perfect idea for you. Though most kinds of clothing are easy sell for wholesale clothing business, teen’s clothes outshine from all of them. This is because lots of teens now are more into buying clothes because of the influence of the latest fashion that and they love to show their own fashion statement through clothes. Aside from that, there are also nearly adults or even older ones that also into latest trend. So, with teen’s wholesale clothing business it’s not impossible not to succeed.

However to become successful is not obtainable with the idea of choosing teen’s clothing only, but you need to have the right supplier for that. For you to fully understand, the following information will help you out.

o Failure on your business can be because of having incorrect products. Absolutely right, there will be no customer that will desire to buy worthless item. To have and sell right wholesale clothing lies on the supplier you deal with. You must know that there are some suppliers who will offer extremely discounted and unwanted goods but assures that your business will run well with them. In truth, when you buy from incorrect wholesale suppliers, you will jus waste everything like your capital, your time, and you customer’s time. The best thing for that is to find the real supplier for you not to encounter all of that.

o Actually it is hard to find real and reliable supplier particularly if you don’t know something and you are new into this business. To get this kind of supplier you must know what are the characteristics that they must have. Your potential supplier must have a nice reputation and offer items at reasonable price. Your supplier must also provide you customer support system, their contact information, and as much as possible money back guarantee. To deal with real and reliable customer is your way to have an excellent business flow and successful business.

o The last things that your supplier must have is that they have a constant good reputation when it comes to providing services to you and your business like keeping in touch and delivering products promptly. If in case you have particular concerns, your supplier must be there to answer your concern or any problem.

With real and reliable supplier, your wholesale teen’s clothing business will be in good hand and will go on successfully. This is not only beneficial to wholesale teen’s clothing businesses, but to entire clothing businesses.